Craving Something Sweet?

Craving Something Sweet?

Pick up a delicious donut from our restaurant

When you bite into a donut from Ath Donuts, you'll taste the love and effort that goes into every batch. We carefully craft our donut and dessert recipes, so you're sure to love them all. From simple classics to fancy fillings, we have something for everyone.

Visit our donut shop in Twin Falls, ID to grab a treat for yourself or box to share.

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Discover all our amazing donuts:

Have fun combining the following desert options:

Fancy Donuts

Filled Donuts $1.99
Bear Claws $1.99
Cinnamon Rolls $1.99
Braids $1.99
Apple Fritters $1.99
Maple Bacon Bar $2.79
Kolache $2.79
Gummy bar $1.99

Regular Donuts

Maple bar .99
Chocolate bar .99
Round glazed .99
Round chocolate .99
Twists .99
Donut holes $1.59

Specialties/ Pastries

Gummy bar $1.99
Cream puff bar $1.99
Bacon maple bar $2.29
Kolache $2.29
Cheese danish $2.29

By The Dozen/Half-Dozen

Regular $9.99/$5.99
Fancy $15.99/$8.99
Bacon bar $21.99/$11.99
Kolache $21.99/$11.99

Mixed Dozen

Filled donuts .30 extra
Fancy donuts .50 extra
Bacon bar $1 extra
Kolache $1 extra
Cheese danish $1 extra
Cream puff bar $1 extra
Gummy bar $1 extra

Regular Cake

Buttermilk bar .99
Old fashion .99
Assorted cake .99
Devil's food .99

Not familiar with something on the menu? Reach out today to us to ask any questions.