Cold Drinks, Smoothies & Boba Tea

Try a Different Kind of Drink

Try a Different Kind of Drink

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The best kinds of beverages are not only tasty, but also fun to drink. Ath Donuts in Twin Falls, ID has all kinds of colorful and flavorful drinks that will please your taste buds. You can add them to your meal or enjoy them on their own.

If you like cute and fruity drinks, our local restaurant is perfect for you. Reach out to us now to learn more about our unique beverages.

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Check out our specialty drinks

All our drinks are packed with refreshing flavors. You can choose from:

Blue butterfly $3.99
Pink butterfly $3.99
Avocado smoothie $4.39
Boba milk $4.49
Flavors: coconut, mango, taro, strawberry, brown sugar and vanilla

If you've never had one of our items, feel free to contact us with questions. Stop by our donut shop to pick up a tasty drink today.